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McMinn Central High School - In Memory

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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Mary beth Runion (1968 or 1969)

--Billie Rae Freeman (August 2009)

--Linda F. Lockmiller Barefield (4/28/1999)
--Jan Barnette (5/4/2010)
Jan Barnette Hutsell was always at the class reunions and never changed. She looked just like she did in high school.
--James Ronnie Bohannon (2/22/2002)
--Tommy Brooks (5/22/2009)
Tommy died in Jacksonville, FL.
--William Neal Carroll (6/22/1998)
--Charlotte Rose Mullinax Ferguson (3/12/2003)
Charlotte had one of the most vivacious and bubbly personalities of any of the girls at Central. She was always smiling and a joy to be around. I miss her as so many others do also. Glenda Rowland
--Patricia E. 'Peachy' Hawkins Green (12/16/2005)
She was a very sweet girl.
--Doran Doug 'Butch' Jones (1/26/2006)
--Paul Preston McClary (4/17/2002)
--Rena Gail 'Bootsie' Patton (1/28/1988)
Bootsie died of cancer in CA. She had a fun personality.
--Steve Alford Peeler (1/25/1976)
Steve died too young.
--Ruth Runyon (7/7/11)
You were so pretty and well liked by all.
--Edward Duane Sutton (10/2/1972)
Duane died much too young. He was a sweet and fun friend to me. Glenda Rowland
--Jenny Webb (1/18/09)
Jenny Webb Camarata taught school for 34 years and loved it. She was known for her life, love and laughter. We miss you. Glenda Rowland
--Ralph D. Williams (12/2/2002)

--Bill Trotter (?)
Bill was just a great friend to all of us and he left this world way too soon.

--Theo Carter
--Stanley Gene Fulbright (May 10, 2008)
We were blessed to call him a Christian husband, father,grandfather and brother.
--Mike Jones (1982)
Not have time to enjoy life
--Johnny Sherrill (july 16 2011)

--Rusty McKinney (1979)

--Greg Owens
the best friend a person could have

--Jay Callahan (1994)
--Dale Condee (2003)
--Robert Evans (1989)
--Alphia Denise Hensley (2008)
--Kinnard Kyle (1983)
Was Senior Airman in the Air Force
--Ricky McKinney (1999)
--Marvin Mills (1982)
--Darlene Pangle (March 2009)
--Mike Patterson (1977)
Died way too young, tragically in accident during our sophomore year.
--Darrell Powers (2006)
He was my rock and I miss him more than anything. He wasn't here long enough..
--Sharon Samples (2002)
--Gary Smith (2002)
--Richard Spielhaupter (2001)
--Barry Watters (May 28, 2009)

--Scott Keith

--Ann Harris (1997)
A wonderful person and a lifelong friend.
--Mark Stephens

--Gregory Dyer
This young man passed too early; he was a good fellow and a great friend to all.
--Bill Land
--Jennifer Moses
Jennifer was a sweetheart who was liked by all; her life was taken too early in life by a drunk driver; pass this harsh lesson on to our own children in hopes we can prevent these tragedies in future generations.

--Doug Bailey (august 12 2009)
--Rodney Casteel (1/24/86)
--Craig Harper
--Darrell Pellizzari
--Ginger Smith

--Angela Smith
--Pat Watts (11/21/2007)

--Billy Casteel
--Mike Keaton (Jan 2009)

--Timothy Cook
Tim was one of those rare people who could connect with anyone,from " the rednecks to the preppies",he was popular with all.He enriched the lives of everyone he called "friend", and the world became a less sunny place with his passing.
--Brian Howell
His determination and positive attitude was an inspiration to us all.
--Curtis 'Kirk' Jordan (1-10-2010)
Murdered in his own home..taken from this world too soon. Kirk will be missed by so many.
--Rod Kincaid

--Treva Jamerson
--Ladd King
--Joel McCurdy
--Leon Williams

--Wendall Freeman (Jan 2006)
--Brenda Morris (?)
--William Bradford (Brad) Mozley (5/25/2010)

--William Bradford 'Brad' Mozley (5/25/2010)

--Jimmy Slowey (May 2003)
--Mark Stone (1989??)

--Greg Graham (1986)
--Dana Murphy
--Gretchen Newton (October 21, 2008)
Gretchen was a beautiful person inside and out. She always had a smile on her face, and was great friend to all who knew her. She will be missed.
--Jack Presswood (Nov. 2000)
--Shannon Ward

--Patrick Garret (1990)
We will miss you Uncle Patrick.
--Bobby Mullinax (sept , 2000)
Great memories of Bobby in high school , he was full of life. Bobby had a great spirit. Much love to you Bob from all who knew you
--Gretchen Newton (October 2008)
Gretchen was full of life and vivaciousness. Her spunk and smile will never be forgotten! I miss you everyday my sweet friend!
--Keith Roberson
--Gregory Young (2002)
Greg was my cousin, he was outgoing and everyone that met him, liked him. He passed way too young, and will be missed by many.Darrell Young

--Chris Bain (September 14, 2010)
Chris was the kind of friend who never had a bad word to say about any one. He could always make you smile and always had the best attitude in school. We will miss you Chris.
--Jennifer Ann Collins (October 26, 2006)
Ann was a truly good person that always had a smile on her face. I wish there were more people like her.
--Travis Jenkins (2000)
Travis was a friend to all who lived life to the absolute fullest. He was such a character! The memories of his hysterical antics still have his friends and family laughing themselves to tears. We miss you Trav!
--Jeff White (1991)
Jeff was a very funny guy once you got to know him. His life was cut way to short, he had allot more to offer the world.

--Ruth Newman (2005)
In loving memory of a smart and sweet girl God called her home so young.
--Billy Joe Torbett (2008)
Billy Joe went to be with his maker on 5-28-08. All that knew him loved him. What a joy he was to our lives. Bill you are so very missed. In loving memory........

--Monica Davis (November 5, 2006)

--Randy White (1995)

--Chase Runyan

--Cayci Elizabeth Cheek (July 4, 2000)
Cayci, daughter of CHS grads Mike Cheek (1984)and Patricia Ball Cheek (1985)was to enter McMinn Central as a freshman in August of 2000. However, God called her home in July of that year. She was so excited about going to high school. She would have been such a delight for everyone to get to know. Cayci lived life to the fullest and enjoyed every moment of it. She was always laughing, talking or singing. This is to her memory.

--Alex Burns (2008)
Alex was a cool friend, we will miss you man!

--Shane Standridge (2012)
He was laid back,considerate, funny, and fun to be around. All and all a great guy and awesome friend. He will be greatly missed. God gained another angel.

--John Daughtry (2008)
--Racheal Slade (2008)

--Morgan Johnson (2/07/2012)
We love and miss you Morgie.

--Mary Grace Ramey (7/23/2004)
Mrs. Ramey was a wonderful teacher and lady. I had seen her often in the past few years. She was a special friend and mentor to me and inspired my cooking abilities. She is missed often by many. I had the privilege to thank her three weeks before she died. Glenda Rowland

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